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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by Bigsmoke
Blake only been hooping for 2 years. U think he was going to lead The Clippers to the championship by then?? bl

Exactly. Makes me laugh when people say things like "He proved he couldn't do it by himself and needed a star to carry him". So he got his one rookie year where the team had tons of new players, was decimated by injuries... to turn the franchise around before being labeled a low impact, overrated player? The team got CP3+other talent the very next year and somehow Griffin is being perceived as a nobody without CP3?

I still think if Griffin had kept developing as THE man on this team without CP3 they would have made the playoffs last year. First round exit and 7-8 seed at best for sure... but at least in the playoffs with Griffin's development full steam ahead.
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