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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen

Chris Paul is a proven All star / All pro in the league, that's a rare thing and you don't choose an unproven big man who's declined in each of his 3 years in the league over that.

I'm not sure there 1 GM who would take Griffin over CP3, i'm positive there is not. cp3 has proven time & time again that he can lead a team into the playoffs, Griffin has not.

I already gave the reasons. Griffin has missed 0 games in his career outside of that initial lost season. CP3 misses 10+ games most seasons and his conditioning level isn't going to change that any time soon.

I think Griffin is one of the most untradable pieces in the NBA due to age, marketability, upside, current production and would be more valued than CP3 for those reasons. CP3 is clearly the better player but due to age, health, contract situation etc I disagree that every GM would take him.

BTW it's a HUGE myth and blatant lie to say Blake has declined all 3 years.

Year 1: Had far less talent around him. Took way more shots, got way more touches and got way more time handling the ball. Was a horrendous defender.

Year 2: Added a top 5 player to his team and tons of other talent. His shot attempts, touches, usage rates were all way down but his raw numbers weren't much worse. His defense went from terrible to solid, his shot improved and his post game became a bit more refined. His efficiency and advanced stats were much improved. PER jumped a full 2 points and he led the NBA in on and off court differential (better than CP3).

Year 3: He started off the year banged up with 2-3 injuries but is finally starting to come around. He's now had 3 20/10/5 games in low minutes and his defense is tremendously improved, shot from midrange tremendously improved and free throw shooting is a career high right now. In otherwords skill set wise Griffin is easily better this year than his previous two years but due to less shots, being a bit more passive and not much cohesion with CP3 it would appear to the average onlooker that he's declined.
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