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Default The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

This current Clippers team isn't winning any championships with its current roster. They've got some solid pieces and one of if not the best point guard in the entire league and they should focus on building around Chris Paul, and IMO Blake is not the guy to do it.

Grffin is a good, exciting young player but you are not going to be winning any championships with him as your second option. Griffin is not a guy you can depend on for points in the paint during crucial moments or a guy you can rely on to get his and create his own shot in the post during the playoffs. His stats are nice but they can be misleading, they are empty in a lot of aspects & Blake Griffin's sucess does not always equal Clippers sucess aswell.

Also, Blake Griffins trade value is probrably one of the highest in the league due to his outstanding popularity. The value that he actually brings to a team isn't ANYWHERE near his current market value, this would allow the Clippers to bring in an outstanding amount of pieces.

I'm sure there are a number of teams that would be willing to overpay for BG & give up a lot of talent in order to get him. He will put buts in the seats, i could see a team like Atlanta jumping all over a chance to bring in BG.

The Clippers would be better suited to bring in a guy who fits in better with CP3 & is also defensive minded. J Smoove comes to mind, and with Griffins trade value the Clippers would easily be able to attain a draft pick and some other solid role players to place around Cp3 if they were to trade Griffin.

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