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Default Re: Is Lamar Odom the most Worthless Player in the NBA?

Originally Posted by oh the horror
IMO, Odom is done. Dude has zero passion to play ball anymore.

Clips took a risk. If he returns to form at any point in time, then he'd be on valuable piece, but thus far early on, he looks like he just has completely lost it.

It was a necessary move to clear minutes for Bledsoe so it was more of a low risk, high reward type move. If Odom remains worthless at least Bledsoe can blow up and the overall depth should hold up but IF by some miracle he returned to form he could be the difference between 2nd round and championship.

I think it's clear though as you said that he's done. It would literally be a MIRACLE if he even became DECENT. Grant Hill luckily can guard most PF's in the league (has done well vs Blake Griffin who's one of the biggest and strongest) so he should get some PF minutes.
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