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Default Re: Vote for the Top 10 Defensive Players in NBA History

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
you can't rank defensive guards with centers
In other words, you (kennethgriffin) don't think you can rank guards with centers on a list like this because it means your lord and savoir Kobe Bryant won't be ranked in anyone's top 10.

I've got news for you...Kobe would be borderline top 10 on a lot of people's list if they did rank guards and bigs separately.

people will just rank mostly centers over guards because they think rebounding is part of defense and it makes them a better defender than a guard

also with blocks. when its actually bad defense to try and block an outside shooter

and steals are from playing mostly passing lanes as a roamer

guys who were great on both ends should get more credit than role players who used 100% energy on defense.

in his prime he was a lock down stopper. and its way harder to defend and score at the same time

and defensive teams should count

for instance. one person ranked kobe as not a top 10 defensive guard all time. and hes got the most all defensive 1st teams in nba history

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