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Default Re: Vote for the Top 10 Defensive Players in NBA History

This is kindof impossible to rank for me because of the variety of defensive roles/experts... interior/perimeter/allround...

For interior you could rank only 10 guys like Russell, Hakeem etc. Guys that were experts on guarding the paint.

For perimeter you could rank only 10 guys like Payton, Jordan etc. Guys that had nasty lateral quickness, hands, peskyness to guard the perimeter.

For allround/versatility you could rank only 10 guys like Pippen, Rodman, Lebron etc. Guys that could do about everything & guard up to 5/all positions, but were not best ever at one thing.

I can give you my top 10 but it would be in no order and i most likely would leave out somebody who might deserve to be there even more.

There needs to be categories... not positional categories but expertise/role categories (interior/perimeter/allround).... and even then i find it extremly hard to rank everybody accurately & factually... Do i go by impact? Do i go by 1st all-defensive honors? Do i go by DPOYs? Do i go by stats and advanced stats like defensive ratings? Do i go by highlights? Do i go by biasness?
Do i ...........

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