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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain swishes four 3-point range hook shots in a row

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
I know a lot wasnt recorded. but when you watch the old documentaries like the one this video was taken from its clear they have a lot of footage or at least had a lot of footage and it's lost or just never shown. You can find old news footage of games but never live footage.

I wish the NBA went through with that plan to archive everything they had a few years back.

I'd like to see 70s games - Cowens, Bob Lanier, McAdoo, Tiny Archibald... there are the few highlight clips and some games on youtube but not much.

People say the greatest matchup of basketball, or one of them, was Chamberlain & Russell. But I never saw their early days, I started watching NBA about 66-67 season.. What I saw was Wilt destroying Russell, game in, game out. It wasn't really close at all. Regardless of what sportswriters who never saw them will tell you. To me that was no great matchup. Now the teams, the games? Oh yeah. But that's not the same thing at all. But there's no footage, or darn little.

The games I would like to see again are the early 70s games between Chamberlain, Thurmond, Lanier & Jabbar. Because Wilt declined severely after his knee blew out... he became... almost human. THOSE were MATCHUPS.

Nate Thurmond was a force on a court but here again, his knees. Willis Reed, same thing.

We truly live in an age of miracles. These knee injuries of David West, Al Jefferson and so forth... and I HOPE Ricky Rubio.... they come back better than ever it seem like!! Guys just weren't going to come back from those.

But yeah the NBA needs to show up on the subject of film. It's pathetic.
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