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Default Re: DeMarcus Cousins Just Committed Murder

Originally Posted by andremiller07
It has a lot to do with him getting fouled out of games and getting unwarranted suspension. He gets called on every 50/50 pretty much when its physcial and gets a 2 game suspension for nothing while Perk and Zach don't get anything.

But to be fair hes half to blame cause of all the complaining he does at times I wish he would just suck it up and play but he is who he is and thats that. Hes not even a dirty player ethier and I have not really ever seen him commit flagrents or anything like that, he just whines to much.
I am only arguing this particular play but yeah, that's what makes him so frustrating, he commits so many stupid fouls and argues too damn much. Still, refs should not be biased because of who he is.
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