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Default Re: Vote for the Top 10 Defensive Players in NBA History

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
I continue to find it sad the disrespect Nate Thurmond gets, when he was recognized during the time he actually played as second only to Russell, yet as time passes and you get people who don't know much about the era talking about all-time great defenders, Thurmond gets completely overlooked, as the people looking back now after the fact would only be aware of the big names, which were Russell and Chamberlain.

Why are you so angry? That's your second negative post in this thread.

You talk as if you know everything and others know nothing.

I'm well aware of Thurmond's incredible defensive abilities. However, there are dozens of legendary defenders to choose from, so he's not a lock for the top 10.

There's nothing disrespectful about having Thurmond about 10th to 15th all-time amongst the best defenders in basketball history.

I think you're the only one around here who is being disrespectful by assuming that others know less than you do.
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