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Originally Posted by DMV2
I always thought Ray was (slightly) better than Pierce during that 5-year stretch of the Big 3 Era but people always labeled him as the third option.

I think he had as many big playoff games as Pierce had. Hell, even Ray's 2008 Finals performance was on-par with Pierce. PP's PPG just happens to be a margin higher due to more FGA, so he got the MVP.

The bolded to me is all true but during the 5 yr stretch pierce has been better then ray overall...sure it has some to do with him having more touches then ray but the last 2 yrs in boston ray suddenly forgot how to dribble the ball...I think ray completely left his prime after the 08-09 season... i thoguht ray could have still been putting up close to 25 a game in seattle up to that point if he never got traded to boston but after the 09 yr ray had a pretty drastic decline to me and however close it was between ray and pierce the first 2 yrs in boston pierce was a better player by a significant margin the last 3 yrs
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