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Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yes it was...first ring Coughlin's job was on the line during the regular season, BOTH years Eli choked away more games and threw more picks than Romo has ever seen, infact Eli does that just about every year, the only reason it is ignored is becaue of the rings...didn't he lead the NFL in picks once?

The rings are the only reason you are able to come in here and type like a know it all too, the last 3 games the Giants have been every bit as bad as Dallas has, probably worse, and were just one Dez finger away from being swept by Dallas even...speaking of Dez, you still think we need to bench him you fckin genius? lol

I have a question, what makes NY fans think they can hang onto the NFC East lead with two better teams coming up from behind?...oh, rings from other years, those are doing the blinding.

You can catch us if we collapse, sure. No doubt. But you think you are going to go on a super bowl run. You are not.

You keep saying "people ignore Eli's faults because he won two super bowl rings" like it's this ridiculous notion. No one plays well all the time. If when you play well, you win super bowls it tends to take the sting off the time you play poorly.

If you want to use delusional Giant fans to prove you are right you aren't talking to the right one because i've not been repping my team for like 5/6 weeks, we've SUCKED. If we don't win tomorrow it's very possible you could catch us, but if we fall to 8-8 and you catch us, aside from bragging rights it means nothing. You'd be 1 and doen for sure. Nothing about you screams Super Bowl. Your coach is a moron. Coughlin at his worst never screwed up number of timeouts, downs, like your coach does.
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