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Default Re: Kevin Durant or T-Mac: The Better Individual Talent?

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12

Tmac from 01-05 was a great player that I respect. Tmac from post-05 is someone I don't. When I was talking about Yao, it was mainly about Yao at his prime which was from 06-09 and which was also when Yao played with the loser version of McGrady, of course, you say it was just the injured version of McGrady but whatever.

Injured/discouraged version.

That series broke my heart, and I was ready to give up as a fan... so I have no idea how T-Mac took it after being the main focal point and outplaying the other team's superstar by a good margin. I am probably even mentally weaker than he is, and I doubt I would have wanted to pick up a basketball in the offseason after that.

2004-05 should have been the start of something great with T-Mac and Yao.
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