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Default Re: Kevin Durant or T-Mac: The Better Individual Talent?

Originally Posted by Clifton
Hardly anyone's ever been as "talented" as Tmac was.

Who cares? Take your talent and shove it. You never accomplished anything and you didn't work hard. And KD's very talented himself. He's at least 6'10, long ass arms, and can dribble and move like that? Hands that soft and good? A scoring instinct every bit as good as Tmac's, and he can actually consistently make jumpshots and free throws to boot?

I gotta give it to KD. Despite Tmac's huge advantage over him in passing. Tmac was a great passer... among guys currently playing I'd say only Paul, Kidd, Lebron, and Nash are comparable. Tmac might have an edge over even some of them.
I don't get this about T-Mac. Everyone says he doesn't or didn't work hard? You don't just make the NBA without any work. Ok, he may not have the work ethic of Kobe, but who the hell does?

Remember him as a rookie, than think of him in his 7th, 8th season with Orlando. That was work put in. Dude was what 180 6'7 twig out of high school?

Durant is durable, some people have good and bad luck. Mac was pretty durable his first couple of season in Orlando. Just bad luck.

Andre Miller, come in camp and the early seasons some times chubby and out of shape, yet homie has missed a handful of games his entire career. That is just pure luck.
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