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Default Kevin Durant or T-Mac: The Better Individual Talent?

I think a prime T-Mac would smoke, school and style all on Kevin Durant head-to-head. KD wouldn't have been able to guard T-McGrizzle, and T-McGreasy would D him up hard and frustrate his offense the same way he did to Dirk in the 2005 Playoffs.

KD has shown scoring prowess with incredible efficiency, but I think T-McGutta would have been just as efficient had he gotten some help over there in Orlando. The frustration mounted, taking a toll on his mentality, and he began to adopt terrible habits as he felt an increasing need to carry that team all by himself. He was fully willing to be a team player and use his playmaking skills alongside Grant Hill, but the feeling of isolation stayed with him even as he went over to Houston and found himself sometimes haunted by those ghosts.

Overall, T-McGrimey was just a flat-out better talent and would have had a great career with some more roster assistance early on when he was mentally vulnerable as a youngster. I think this would have motivated him to work harder on his fitness and prolong his career as well.

I'm not excusing his fragile mindstate, which seems to have been his only flaw as a player.
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