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Default Re: Finally Dunking With Ease

Originally Posted by MannyO
its funny because when I dunk off one foot i can only dunk with my left hand which is my weaker hand but my right leg is stronger. I find it pretty impressive when I see people get really high off one leg.
Yea I hoop competitively.

That seems like a good workout but can you explain to me how to do it. Like sets and reps.

so basically the number of sets and reps are arbitrary, you're not working on getting your legs stronger, you're training the footwork and muscle memory to naturally dunk off one foot

start with 3 from each side and maybe 3-5 sets.

once you cannot explode anymore, stop. you wanna work up to the point where you can do 5 or 6 from each side (10-12 total) for 3-5 sets. if you can do that you'll not only be able to dunk off one better, but your muscle endurance will improve drastically.

don't overtrain this. be as explosive as possible, doing too many from each side before you're ready will do more harm than good. gradually progress each time you do this drill

edit: at first if you cant dunk it just lay it in, just make sure you are jumping as high as you can.
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