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Default Re: See Cavs fans? This is how you make a big move

Originally Posted by KyrieTheFuture
I root for the cavs hard as hell during the regular season but what am I supposed to do in the playoffs? Gotta root for somebody and there's only like 4 teams with a real shot at winning and I hate LA and Boston and don't like the Thunder very much. I loved Bosh and LeBron pre Decision so they're the only choice left but the second were in the playoffs the Heat won't get a moment of my time. Also, I rooted for LeBron because the hate he gets is just retarded and I wanted people to shut the **** up.
you not a Cavs fan bruh. That's the last team to root for! You have Okc which is the exact model The Cavs are following to rebuild their team to root for over Mia. Mia built their team in a way The Cavs can never do unless they move the team to a warmer climate
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