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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by notatop29pg
I hope they trade him just so i can laugh when Bledsoe starts running around putting up 10pts on 4/17, 7 rebs, 2 blocks, 3 steals and 11 turnovers a game. But at least he's aggressive and and gets some cool blocks right?

Im not sure how much a player like CP3 really gives a rats about regular season, so long as they make playoffs its all good. You know your gonna get close to a triple double during the playoffs.

The regular season is for blokes like Blake Griffin to find some game, soon as his brain can make a decision to score or pass in less than 8 seconds they'll be fine.

Yeah we all know CP3 can score whenever he wants, but he's done that before. 2 seasons of 22/12/5/2 (rough) has proven that. Regular season is for the other guys to step up and find their spots and learn how they can step up if/when needed come playoffs. Tim Duncan has pretty much done it the past 5 years (not so much currently). He sleepwalks through the regular season.

You say CP3 is hampering Blakes development... have CP3 take an extra 10 shots per game and then see how Blake develops.

Stop being a spoilt bi*@h. you've got the best pg in the game, he makes others better. Its not his fault Blake thinks the basket is gonna bite him. Go back and watch the game from OKC or tonight and count how many time BG gets an open look in rhythm only to get all confused and brick it or pass out.

Yes i agree CP3 could score more, but he's not gonna carry the team all season. An extra 5 shots per game from CP3 isnt going to help.

You clearly haven't been following CP3 this year. Stop being a dickhead.
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