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Default Re: Ever been in an altercation/argument/fight during pick up game?

Fights? Fights were nothing. I've seen guns pulled out (though no shots fired). I've seen full on park clearing brawls. Personally, I've been in a few fights, but they've been broken up relatively quick. Last fight I ever got into was on xmas day. Guy was trying to play rough with me the whole game. One time we're both running down the court and he purposely steps in my way...I knew he was going to do it and I just ran him over. He got up and got in my face and before I knew what I was doing I had swung at him and hit him in the side of my ear (probably one of those wide girly swings...I'm no fighter :)) and we're on the ground wrestling. He gets me in a headlock but I"m on top of him and we're in a stalemate (though I had a clear shot at his nuts if he decided to try and choke me). My girlfriend was watching at the time and comes running at me screaming "What the hell are you doing!?!?!" and then it was broken up.

Good times.
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