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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!

That's pretty funny.

As to OP,

Chris Paul will be fine. He is just going through a rough stretch. Deron Williams is too and I am fumigating and ranting on his twitter page. ( Which is why he blocked me) but superstars will break out of their funks. Blake Griffin is the real concern. With his physique he shouldn't be attempting jump shots, he should man his way to the basket, get decent post moves and be a interior force. He's still young but the Clippers need him badly.

thanks for making me laugh . I understand bad games etc... but this is all year long passive play and subpar play. He's getting torched by players like Steve Blake for Christ's sake. As for Blake it's funny because people criticized the shit out of him for no shot.. and now he goes the Amare route and stops dunking, becomes a shooter primarily and improved defender and people rip him.

I think that shows he cares way too much what people think and needs to nut the fu** up. Great players play to their strengths, not give in to pressure from the outside world. Blake as I said though isn't being helped by CP3 or Vinny and is still just a 3rd year player this year, so while I'll readily criticize his play... more of the responsibility is on CP3.
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