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Default Re: Finally Dunking With Ease

Originally Posted by MannyO
Wassup guys, you guys may not remember me but I was on this forum a few years back when I was 16. My problem was I could almost dunk but I could palm the ball yet and I needed about an inch more on my vert.

Now im 19 (still about 5'11) and could dunk with ease. I was playing a pickup game in the gym about 2 days ago and it was my first time actually dunking during a game I had 3 dunks. The first one I had a defender on my tail and I just decided Ill jump as high as I can and just put it in. I ended up getting up high and flushing it in while he tried to block it from the back.

I think my body just developed and got stronger naturally although I squatted a few times last year nothing serious though.

I want to be able to dunk consistently off 1 leg tho. Thats my next goal. Any tips on how I should go about this?

P.S: Next time im back in the gym ill make a mini dunk vid to prove it.

if you can dunk off two feet then athleticism is not the problem. its muscle memory. you just have to practice and keep trying and eventually you will get there

i dont think you'll need to drill this but if you need to and have a buddy who can help use the drill at the end of this vid, i do this with my players
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