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Default Re: Magic Rookie Watch

The new guys have all been pretty impressive. Nicholson's got some nice moves and touch around the basket. Before the last game though he looked like he was a bit hesitant, did well with more confidence against the Pistons. Harkless shows a lot of promise but I don't expect him to do much more than he is already doing this season. Next Season I imagine will be a break out year for him with a full camp behind him and a full off season to work on a jump shot. I love the hustle and energy he brings though. Not rookies but Moore and Vucevic have really surprised me. Vuc actually looks like a real starting centre prospect. At times i'm finding myself more excited watching this team then when we had Dwight. I'm slightly worried once Harrington and Turk return though that we'll see Harkless and Nicholson lose too many minutes as we need to infalte those guys stats for trades (harrington at least).
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