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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Can we just fire Avery already and hire Jerry Sloan? Anyway I wonder if Avery Johnson feels the hot seat if the team does go 8-9 or even 7-10.

Yeah right. His beef with Deron got him to quit after a long ass tenure with Utah, and you think he'll come back to him because he's struggling? He is probably laughing his ass off at Deron right now while enjoying every moment of the team's shortcomings.

Avery's system, if there is one, lacks identity. I wanna ask the Mavs fans about his coaching ability because his resume in Dallas is great, but if I never knew about his coaching years there I would've assumed he doesn't have a clue. But..maybe it's not him. The Nets roster isn't exactly made up of players who are prototypes at their position; Joe is overly dominant with the ball who seems to be taking a back seat to Deron as Fratello pointed out, and Brook is unorthodox as it gets when it comes to center position. We all knew defense was going to be a problem even before the season started, so how can it be Avery's fault? Yes the statistic patterns are alarming, but let's not forget this is a new organization that's starting from scratch, so I'm not for firing him just yet. Main reason is because I don't see other options (no chance with Sloan), but also I don't want us pulling a Laker and fire away without giving a real chance. I'm a reasonably patient man, so I'll give half a season to see if they make any progress.
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