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Default Re: P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
my take on PEDs is that if it isn't addictive and doesn't have negative effects (uncontrollable rage, depression, etc.), it should be allowed. in ALL SPORTS.

that way, we'd get to see even more amazing athletes and more amazing feats. my guess is, when medical technology has advanced far enough that athletes have become basically cyborgs, this will all be a moot discussion.

And what about when they find out all the heart problems and crap it's causing? Nearly every drug out there, from illegal steroids to over the counter stuff, has chances at causing side effects in some people. Allowing these would force all players to take them to compete and would nullify any records held by players from an era that was clean. It's like in swimming when they started those full body suits that are now banned. Every record was being broken, didn't harm the athletes, but it's still wrong and unfair to players who came before
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