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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain swishes four 3-point range hook shots in a row

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
You have an unhealthy amount of skepticism and mistrust about things you see then - you can be the politest person in the world, but I just can't take you serious when your mistrust of everything leads you to such illogical conclusions. I'm familiar with video editing myself - I went to school for it briefly (did not finish, just 1 year and 1 semesters worth), which is in part why I know programs like Adobe premiere and After Effects and make the mixes that I do - and I can tell you it is naye impossible to fake that sequence being that Wilt is DEAD. It would take some James Cameron type sh*t to fake that. That clip doesn't exist to make money - it's not a MJ Nike commercial - it's nothing but 25 seconds taken from a low-budget documentary. There is ZERO incentive to fake it. The ONLY plausible scenario is that that sequence exists in entirety but is probably 1-2 minutes longer than the 25 seconds it needed to be hacked down to to fit within the time constraints of the documentary - thus it has been *edited*.

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