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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain swishes four 3-point range hook shots in a row

Originally Posted by elementally morale
Indeed. I'm old enough to have 'starred' in more than one documentary. The TV guys arrived and asked if I could 'spontaneously' do this and that so that they can make the actual clip. The things they asked for were ones (or very similar to ones) that actually did happen... just not at the time the documentary was shot. I had this experience both in business-related and sport-related clips (krav-maga).

BTW, you are right. I don't buy the official 9/11 story either. I have no idea as to what the fu(k really happened, but I can tell the official version stinks.
You have an excessive amount of skepticism and mistrust about things you see then - you can be the politest person in the world, but I just can't take you serious when your mistrust of everything leads you to such illogical conclusions. I'm familiar with video editing myself - I went to school for it briefly (did not finish, just 1 year and 1 semesters worth), which is in part why I know programs like Adobe premiere and After Effects and make the mixes that I do - and I can tell you it is naye impossible to fake that sequence being that Wilt is DEAD. It would take some James Cameron type sh*t to fake that. That clip doesn't exist to make money - it's not a MJ Nike commercial - it's nothing but 25 seconds taken from a low-budget documentary. There is ZERO incentive to fake it. The only plausible scenario is that that sequence exists in entirety but is probably 1-2 minutes longer than the 25 seconds it needed to be hacked down to to fit within the time constraints and flow of the documentary - thus it has been *edited*.

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