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Default Re: P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

Originally Posted by Boogey
Lebron put on a lot of muscle from pre-draft to post-draft, so it's possible.

Well, he was only 18 when he was drafted, and it wasn't until his 4th or 5th year that he was 15 pounds heavier when he was 22-23, so that doesn't make me particularly suspicious. Lebron's build really isn't that unusual to me, I don't believe his body fat % is as low as what's commonly reported, and he's really just a guy who naturally carries a lot of weight, and probably filled out more when he stopped growing and started lifting weights.

You're right that it's possible, though. It's possible any of them are. Not many would surprise me except for a guy like Allen Iverson who hated even lifting weights. I'm pretty sure I remember him getting fined for not lifting weights at one point. And one year, the Sixers were unhappy that he showed up so light at less than 160, maybe 155. He's one guy who I'd be really surprised to find out was on any sort of PED.
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