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Default Re: P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

Originally Posted by Pacers4ever
You really think he ways 270 pounds? He's closer to 250. And stop putting you're signature on the end of your post like if you've contributed knowledge in this forum. I also said I'd need the same genes as him to get such a stature.

Edit: He's actually under 250

He was 245 at pre-draft camp in '03. It's widely accepted that he's been between 265-270 since the '08-'09 season. I've heard numerous reports that he's in that range, and I wouldn't buy anything less. You can't compare his build to others and guess his weight that way. People carry weight differently, it has a lot to do with bone density and how evenly proportioned that weight is as well as how lean you are. We have an official weight from '03 for Lebron, and there's no way he isn't 20 pounds heavier than he was then.

Lebron at 240-245....

Lebron in 2009....

Lebron in 2012....

Compare the 240-245 Lebron to the Lebron from '09-'12, and you say he's still under 250?

I'm not accusing Lebron of anything, in fact, he's hardly the first guy I'd suspect of PEDs. He's naturally bigger than most NBA players, but not what I'd call ripped or shredded. Just a freak athlete. I have no idea if he's using any kind of steroid or HGH, he may have, but I don't suspect him in particular. Regardless, Lebron at 245, or anything under 260 is a joke since 2008. It's simply false.

I suspect Karl Malone, Dwight, Wade post-injury, and Kobe in the 2 years Samurai Swoosh mentioned. But even if this was confirmed(and there's nothing linking any of them to it other than our gut feelings), it has nothing to do with how I judge any of them as players.

And yeah, you can't necessarily spot a steroid user by how they look, for the NBA we have Rashard Lewis as proof, and in baseball, look at Rafael Palmeiro and Manny Ramirez, neither had particularly impressive physiques, especially Manny, and both are truly confirmed steroid users, not just accused or suspected.

Karl Malone is the one I suspect the most. First, there's his build. MUCH lower body fat % than Lebron, and lower than just about any NBA player I've seen with that much size.

This makes you wonder.....

Can you obtain Malone's physique naturally? Sure, he's not Arnold in his prime, or comparable to a body builder, but what adds to my suspicions is Malone's ridiculously longevity and durability. Who produces like Malone did at his age? And who pretty much doesn't get injured until they're over 40 years old and in their 19th season? Through his first 18 seasons, he missed a total of 10 games, and never more than 2 in a season before his final year with the Lakers when he had the knee injury. Of course, Malone arguably had the greatest work ethic in NBA history, so genetics, and unusual dedication could be solely responsible for his unmatched durability and longevity, but I'm not so sure.

The guys who put on 10-15 pounds of mostly muscle in an offseason(a few months) are suspicious. To put on 15 pounds of solid muscle is extremely difficult. That's the amount of weight Barry Bonds put on from the '98 offseason to '99 spring training.....
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