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Default Re: Breaking News: Kyrie Irving out 4 weeks

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack

So, he had:

*mild turf toe with no recurrence
*concussion with no recurrence
*mild shoulder injury with no recurrence
*a couple of finger injuries and we'll see how he recovers

To me, that doesn't equate to injury prone. That equates to playing for an extremely cautious franchise still in the infancy of a re-build and protecting its franchise player at all costs. His first serious injury will be the day I begin to worry. This isn't it.

My two cents.

Very glass half full.
There is no doubt he is has had many fragile injuries in his young career.
The broken hand this offseason deserves a place on that list, it needed surgery and put him out 8 weeks.
Seems he gets injured very easily, and something needs to change before its a serious one.
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