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Originally Posted by mjokc
No way this dude is working 60 hours a week by his amount of posts alone. He's averaging nearly 40 posts per day. Dude is full of shit. The only way he's working that much is if ISH is his job .

I think you're greatly exaggerating how long it takes to post 40 times a day. Besides that was like 60-70 few months back and is dropping so obviously I'm not posting 40 times a day.

A majority of my posts are in game threads anyways so not sure what your point is. The fact that you think a stranger would lie on the internet about hours he works to people who have no bearing on his real life anyways is pathetic.

I even made a thread about it when I got the job and working in shipping it's not even close to farfetched that I work 55-60 right now. I post on ISH during lunch breaks while texting my GF sometimes but 90 percent of my posts right now are after 6:30 PM.
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