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Default Re: Breaking News: Kyrie Irving out 4 weeks

I've been worried about Irving's play style frankly. I think this might contribute a lot to him getting injured in the future. I hope not...

He's a great shooter and awesomely crafty at getting to the basket and making a shot. The problem is his body isn't built for that sort of punishment. I see him go up and take contact from guys that are almost a foot taller than him and have 50+ pounds on him and he makes the shot. It's astounding. The issue is that he's not built like a LeBron James or even close to that.

I hope he's not injury plagued But he's going to miss 10+ games now this season after missing a decent amount in last year's shortened season. I'm not sure tanking is worth it in this draft if that's what they're trying to do. We'll see though...
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