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Default Re: Player that this board has changed your mind about the most?

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Probably Hondo for me.

Players this board needs to change more minds about:
Sheed and Iverson.

Havlicek had the weirdest release of just about anybody. Almost Shawn Marion kinda weird.

It baffled some of the greatest defenders, the way he would sprint down court and suddenly hurl the top of his body forward.... and then his arms would be even farther out, just full extension in front of him when the ball released.

He was a real serious candidate for MVP of '69 Finals... Russell had shot his bolt and Sam Jones was last gasp, too. They were just hangin on by their fingers.. Hondo carried Celtics on his back for many minutes of each game.
Yeah Logo was made in that series but Hondo was.... well the word that describes Havlicek: indomitable.

What I loved best was the fact his body was a shield. Nobody was taking the ball between him and the basket. Greatest forward of the 60s to my mind.

And '70s.... Havlicek and Cowens ~ Chaos Unbound
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