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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by shoops
It's actually your repeated snide shots at Lin that makes you sound "butthurt." You're taking some remarks made to journalists and twisting it to make it sound like Lin's using them as excuses or freedom from liability.

Do you think the timing of Lin doing all these interviews is a coincidence? First few games, he's cruising. Has a bunch of bad games, Knicks are better without him, he does the interviews. All of them are about the huge pressure he's under and how he needs time to adjust.

You're just delusional if you don't think there is any agenda here.

My Knicks are 7-1 and we have two point guards playing better than Lin. I'm just fine. But i'm not fine with the way Lin characterizes his time in NY, he's either uber sensitive or full of it. At any point in Linsanity did you think NY fans were making life hard for Lin? That's basically what's being implied.
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