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Default Re: P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

You have to look at what is at stake.

For a young promising player it is :
-Going to the NBA, earning millions of dollars, being famous


-Going back to a shitty city where you'll have no job because you didn't have any good academic education.

And the selection process for the NBA is soooo dependant on athletic abilities. Hell, in the draft camp they even measures the jumping abilities etc. So it is quite obvious that many young players are using drugs. And it's not like anti-doping in the NCAA or NBA is serious.

Then, once in the NBA, you have well organized medical staff, you have money, and you have stakes. Same thing. Does anybody believe that gaining 20 pounds of muscle in 4 months between the draft and the preseason is feasable without drugs ? The guys lift weight in a gym for years to gain pound by pound, and gain 20 pounds when they enter the NBA in 4 months.

I would'nt be surprised also if they took some things to help them stand the long season too
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