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Originally Posted by kshutts1
My friend and I were recently discussing ways the Celtics could trade for Gortat, so kinda funny that there is a thread about him being "unhappy" now..

Bradley, Sullinger/Melo, Bass and a protected 1st


Gortat, Dudley

Celtics, with Barbosa and Terry, are not missing Bradley too terribly (though a future with Bradley/Rondo at the guard spots is pretty sick), and Gortat and Dudley could really put this team up closer to Miami. Good trade to go all-out to win this year, and Phoenix gets a pick, a project big, and a potential start 2guard.

Itīs a deal with a lot of impact on both sides, but I really like this trade. Fab Melo is 7ft and the Suns could definitely use his size, so including him makes sense over Sullinger.

How about

Gortat + (Dudley or Wes Johnson) + Frye (lottery protected first, protected throughout 15, top 5 protected after that)


Tyreke Evans + Jason Thompson + Salmons


The Kings are horrible and need to shake things up. Thompson has been solid so far this season, but Cousin + Thompson is not the frontcourt of the future. Gortat at the 5 and Demarcus at the 4 sounds a lot better to me. Gives them rebounding and interior defense, which is something they need. Dudley gives them another wing, but a good defender/teamplayer. Johnson is a possibility also. Let the Kings pick who they want..
Frye comes in as a bad contract, 2 years 6 mill per year + player option. Comes with the deal. They get rid of Tyreke who just hasn't worked out for them. This gives room to startThornton, who has been their second leading scorer. They lose Salmons who is a bad contract and they have too many wings anyway so that's great. The protected first could be usefull also.


PG: Thomas/Frederette/Brooks
Wings: Thornthon/ Wes Johnson or Dudley/Garcia/Outlaw/James Johnson
Frontcourt: Cousins/Gortat/Frye/Robinson/Chuck Hayes

Get a possible star player in Evans and a nice player Thompson. Take a chance on Evans. He has an okay contract at 5mill and is restricted for next year. See how he turns out. might be a great gamble.
Thompson has the size to play C eventhough he's not a great rebounder. He can score from outside and might be a nice next to Scola. Salmons is a bad contract, but can be used as a backup. They get rid of unhappy Gortat and add a player with all star potential (still in my opinion). They are reallly small after this trade, but let thompson test his luck at C. Look for a FA Center (Birdman maybe?) for some size.

PG: Dragic/Bassy
SG: Evans/Brown
SF: Beasley/Dudley or Johnson/Salmons
PF: Scola/Morris
C: Thompson/Drain
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