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Default Re: P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

Originally Posted by Trentknicks
As a keen gym enthusiast and past amateur bodybuilding competitor, I can't truthfully believe that even with the best genetics and nutrition and training that an NBA team can provide. That Lebron James, Karl Malone and Ben Wallace aren't chemically enhanced.

Getting to that size alone is near impossible naturally, and would take the better part of a decade to reach such size and tone. But to have to do it while participating in so many games and cardiovascular training is impossible naturally. Couple this with the agility and speed that such players have an it's generally implausible for such progress to be made without artificial help.

I'm sure that many other of the players in the league use enhancers as well. I'm not all that aware of the NBA's drug testing policy but it was pretty heavily critcized recently.

Spot on man. There's no way players aren't taking PEDs and steroids in the NBA.

The only thing I am surprised at is that Rose and Durant hinted at it, I would have thought they were on it too!

I know Rose made the comment before his injury, but right now HGH would help with his recovery a ton. As for Durant, PEDs can enhance his strength gains, especially now he wants to grab more rebounds.

err, not that I am condoning the use of these illegal drugs...
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