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Default Re: I'm still young to the game... why do you have to hold the ball...

Originally Posted by Walker
You're a fool and I'll tell you why.

The Bulls players easily could have got back. Tell me how there'd be nothing wrong if one of the Bulls got back, stood hunched under the ring, Lilliards feet catch the defenders body and he's goes ass over head crashing to the floor breaking his arm. Not such a great idea then huh?

If the Bulls players would have played harder D and got under the goal then Lillard wouldn't have tried to dunk because he isn't that type of player. He probably would have dribbled it out or took a safe jumpshot. At any moment in a game a player can fall and break something. If it happens it happens.

On another note, if I were Batum or Aldridge I wouldn't let anyone foul my boy Lillard because of what he did. I would make sure to return the favor to show other teams that we stick together. I think it poor sportsmanship to try and hurt a young player like Lillard compared to scoring extra points in a basketball game.

Players bitch too much. Let the boy play.
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