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Maybe Gortat would be "getting more shots" on offense if he could actually learn to stop being a finesse b*tch on offense and actually SLAM THE DAMN BALL IN THE HOOP. I'm tired of watching him get the ball wide open under the rim and instead of jamming it home easily he does these pitiful little finger rolls and layups off the backboard that rim-out right into a defender's hands all the damn time.

What the f*ck do they call him the "Polish Hammer"" for if it he refuses to even ATTEMPT to hammer the damn ball down? There's a reason Gortat is being told to focus soley on defense and rebounding. It's because that's what he's noteworthy at. His finesse offensive game is pretty shallow, even if quite effective (especially against short teams). He's useless on offense against tall teams that have solid defense.

If this is really how he feels, ship his ass out. Don't need whiny b*tch attitudes bringing the mood of the franchise down even more when we're already struggling to win games. Sign some actual CLASSY players who can just show up to work, get it done with a smile on their face, and not realize that this is their JOB and this is what they signed up for being in the NBA. Gotta have to grow up and learn to be businessmen about it on AND offside the court and not make public drama like this(if it's even true)
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