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Default Re: Celtics & Phoenix Trade Idea

Originally Posted by jalbert009
Jeff Green and Leandro Barbosa for Marcin Gortat

Gortat / Wilcox
Garnett / Bass
Pierce / Sullinger
Bradley / Lee
Rondo / Terry

Celtics need a True Center that can provide some much needed rebounding and Gortat can bring that. Once Bradley is back there will be too many guards so Barbosa is expendable.

Frye / Oneal
Scola / Green
Beasley / Dudley
Barbosa / Brown
Dragic / Marshall

Gortat is unhappy and rumours are going around that he is being traded. The suns get 2 good rotation players that could potentially be starters or the 6th man on their team.

My thoughts are you need a punch in the head.
Why the hell would Phoenix trade Gortat for useless bench trash when 25 other teams will all be clamouring over eachother to make offers if he was made available.

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