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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by shoops
I wasn't just directing to your previous comment, you had more than one butthurt comment recently. Just sayin'... Anyways, I think I saw that article on yahoo, but only that one, I didn't see any others on yahoo sports main page and espn... The yahoo article seemed a tad dramatic, though there's probably a little truth to it. He's the kinda guy that seems uncomfortable because of attention, in NY he was drawing it away from himself and also crediting the team as they deserved. Don't see how he tried to use those reasons to excuse his poor play like you claimed though.

Again, he had a bunch of articles. I mentioned some stuff from them. The entire Yahoo article is things that are wrong, pressure, he has no friends he can trust, etc. You said "you must be butthurt to think these things". LIN SAID THESE THINGS. Give me a break, you want me to spin things he says to mean other things now too?
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