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Default Re: MICHAEL JORDAN. 44 pts\7 rebs\10 asts vs Cleveland Cavs (1989 EC1R G.3) HD

Originally Posted by scandisk_

He could be a stan of any player though. There's also a huge possibility that this clown is a butthurt MJ fan Everytime someone starts a thread about MJ, he does the same idiotic and nonsensical posts.
Oh kid stop it already.. You know already Im MJ fan too.. I been sayin this to you before.. I watch tons of his games/highlights in the web and Im impress that he played almost identically to Kobe.. Maybe thats the reason why I like MJ.. FYI Im rarely post in a thread about MJ.. So stop lyin kid.. Im here to props him and you misinterpret me.. BTW stop your obsession with me.. You're the same as RRR3 or maybe you are just one person..
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