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Default Re: MICHAEL JORDAN. 44 pts\7 rebs\10 asts vs Cleveland Cavs (1989 EC1R G.3) HD

Originally Posted by Graviton
I honestly think he is Lebron23/Pauk trying to make everyone hate Kobe. The way he types and structures his sentences have that childish, simple minded and predictable quality of a Lebron23/Pauk. Ironically when this guy posts, Lebron23/Pauk suddenly vanish. There is no way a Kobetard would be THAT obvious with their screen name, avatar, location and direct posts.

He is definitely an undercover Kobe hater/Lebron stan. You can hide behind a different name, but your posts will sooner or later show the truth. No one is that stupid enough to keep posting religious Kobe BS and openly admit he is 14, seems like a way to promote stereotypes and hate.

He could be a stan of any player though. There's also a huge possibility that this clown is a butthurt MJ fan Everytime someone starts a thread about MJ, he does the same idiotic and nonsensical posts.
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