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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by Sigmund Freud
The saga of Lin is fascinating, to say the least. It was clear how much confidence he had in New York, but it is also quite clear he has lost almost, if not all his confidence based on the manner in which he is currently playing. I would personally advice Lin to seek professional help, as he seems like he may require some guidance to get his life back on track.
This is very easy to figure out, and it doesn't require "professional help". Lin was simply playing above his ability with an "I have nothing to lose" mentality. His level of play and offensive efficiency were complete surprises, but when teams actually started to game plan for him the shooting percentages began to drop steadily.

Although he had some decent games after the debacle in Miami that ended Linsanity, it was clear that he was not capable of shooting a decent percentage against good defense.

Add that to his stll-suspect ballhandling skills, and you have a player who is not quite as bad as he currently looks, but will never get back to the 'Linsanity' level.

In his defense, he does seem to be a hard worker. He rebounds the ball very well for the position, and his steals numbers are good -- though he tends to gamble too much.

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