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Default Re: MICHAEL JORDAN. 44 pts\7 rebs\10 asts vs Cleveland Cavs (1989 EC1R G.3) HD

Even tho he played in a weak defense era, he's still no doubt co-GOAT to Kobe.. His game reminds me of Kobe in his high school years.. He's still raw in talent and skill compare to Kobe but his athleticism was enough to compensate for all his shortage..

Jordan was lucky to be the most athletic player that time.. His athleticism alone help him stayed in the league for a longer period of time and when he knew that he's declining, he retired for 2 years to save up energy and mileage, and to have time to practice and improve his raw skills..

Indeed Jordan was not just a freak of nature, he was also a wise player but when he retired the 2nd time around and return as a Wizard, its not effective anymore.. Maybe becos his longevity was just average compared to Kobe and this time even tho he rested for 3 years, it will no longer work..

Even tho he comes up short in comparison to Kobe, he still one of the most amazing player.. Top 5 player of all time..
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