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Default Re: Celtics & Phoenix Trade Idea

Originally Posted by jalbert009
Jeff Green and Leandro Barbosa for Marcin Gortat

Gortat / Wilcox
Garnett / Bass
Pierce / Sullinger
Bradley / Lee
Rondo / Terry

Celtics need a True Center that can provide some much needed rebounding and Gortat can bring that. Once Bradley is back there will be too many guards so Barbosa is expendable.

Frye / Oneal
Scola / Green
Beasley / Dudley
Barbosa / Brown
Dragic / Marshall

Gortat is unhappy and rumours are going around that he is being traded. The suns get 2 good rotation players that could potentially be starters or the 6th man on their team.

Switch Barbosa with Lee, and then we'll talk...
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