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Default Re: P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

Originally Posted by andremiller07
I agree with you there, also I beleive if the NBA knew of a problem that they would probably not do much about it cause more than likely result in the suspension of some good players which would not be good for the overall product.
I'm pretty sure there is a general consensus around the league that their is frequent use but it seems to fly under the radar.

"Drug-testing" isn't always what you expect either. Events like Mr Olympia & the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic have 'drug testing', but they test for cocaine, weed and amphetamines, which is a total joke.

EDIT: I read a story a while back (didn't save link) where a sport's journalist was suggesting Lebron used steroids to bulk up one Cleveland offseason. Apparently he gained something like 30lb in one offseason, but this wasn't listed as such. Also explains why height and weight listing is so inconsistent in the league and players are generally always over listed in both categories.

Leaves room for the player to use and bulk into the listed weight and if measured won't arouse any suspicions. Also for the unaware, steroids can be flushed out of the system and masked by certain drugs within a month or so of use.

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