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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Fair enough but to give up both Dragic and Lowry is just beyond idiotic, as for Asik hes been a very decent big man he moves well without the ball just needs to finish a bit better.
It looks dumb to give up both Dragic and Lowry, but Lowry wanted out and the Rockets got Harden indirectly by trading Lowry. Dragic on the other hand is better than Lin with more experience, although a 4 year contract with player option gives the Rockets less flexibility and gives Dragic more leverage. But yeah, not getting him again could be detrimental and so far it looks kinda like that, but in reality time will tell I guess. As for Asik, yes, he's very decent and his defense and rebounding is invaluable even if his offense is still very raw.
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