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Default P.E.D and Roids in the NBA?

As a huge boxing (mma, kickboxing) fan I have seen more and more cases of fighters using P.E.Ds (performance enchancing drugs) and getting caught, with many experts predicting that there over 50-60% of fighters that use them and it is now become a huge problem (not just in boxing but in all sports e.g Lance Armstrong).

This got me thinking do you think that there could be a signifcant amount of players on some type of PEDs. I have never heard of anyone being busted for roids only canibus and other recreational in the NBA which begs me to ask do they test for roids and other PEDs? I can't belevie that no one in 10 years has been caught on them.

NBA players imo would be as likely if not more likely to take them because the sport is amazing stressful on the body, you travel every 2nd night and your main 8-9 guys pretty much play every 2nd night and have back to backs so recovery is essential (they would more likely take them for recovery not to put on muscle) Even though these guys are all elite athletes I find it very hard to beleive that there wouldn't be a decent amount of NBA players on them.
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