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Default Re: Breaking News: Kyrie Irving out 4 weeks

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
RBA, great as Irving is, you can't deny that he seems fairly fragile, franchise playing it safe or not. I get playing it safe, but missed what, like 25 games in his year at Duke? 15 games last year. A dozen or so this year now at least. This has to be a legitimate concern.
I don't really think so, no. It isn't just about number of games missed. It is about the injuries which were sustained and the reasons the player was held out.

At Duke - Probably the most significant injury of his career, which isn't saying much. It was essentially mild turf toe. I believe it later came out that he was advised not to come back until the tournament as to not impact his draft stock, since he was already considered the consensus No. 1 pick.

Last year - Missed a few games due to a concussion and a couple more from the flu. Then, he hurt his shoulder toward the end of the season when the franchise was pretty clearly in "let's try out some D-Leaguers to see if we can find some gems and try to get Anthony Davis" mode. There isn't a doubt in my mind he would have come back sooner if he would have been needed. Same goes for Varejao, who was held out for the entire year with an injury that probably should have only been 4-6 weeks or so.

I think management and doctors thought, "We've seen how good Kyrie is, he's played 50+ games in this ridiculously condensed season... let's put him to bed for the year."

He did come back toward the end of the season, but barely played any minutes when he did. The strategy was pretty obvious.

This year - Has had a couple of minor hand injuries. The first one meant missing meaningless Summer League. He was completely ready for training camp.

Now this one, I gave my thoughts above. I think management and doctors are being extra-cautious. I sort of even doubt he'll be out a full four weeks. Docs said he'll be re-evaluated after two weeks. I wouldn't be shocked if it was more like a 2-3 week injury.

So, he had:

*mild turf toe with no recurrence
*concussion with no recurrence
*mild shoulder injury with no recurrence
*a couple of finger injuries and we'll see how he recovers

To me, that doesn't equate to injury prone. That equates to playing for an extremely cautious franchise still in the infancy of a re-build and protecting its franchise player at all costs. His first serious injury will be the day I begin to worry. This isn't it.

My two cents.

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