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Default Re: #98 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

No, he wasn't a chucker. His FG% was right around the league average, unlike Iverson.

Meanwhile, Iverson is ranked 36th on this list, whereas Fulks has yet to receive a vote (until now) despite leading the league in scoring and winning the first BAA/NBA championship.

I strongly recommend reading this article about him: http://justicebillcunningham.wordpre.../07/joe-fulks/

There are numerous others on the internet, but that's perhaps the best.

He is surely the most overlooked superstar in NBA history.

Some quotes about Fulks:

“He was a great, great player,” says Hall of Fame coach Red Auerbach. “He could shoot them any way, from any place.”

The World Book Encyclopedia reported years later that “the one-handed shot was the most popular shot in basketball until Joe Fulks popularized the jump shot . . . it became the most popular shot in basketball and greatly increased scoring.”

“If it hadn’t been for Joe,” Hall of Famer and former Warrior Paul Arizin put it, “I don’t think pro basketball would have made it those first few years.”

Fulks's first pro coach, Eddie Gottlieb, said "Joe was one of the game's pioneers. He had the greatest assortment of shots I've ever seen in basketball -- then, now or who knows when."
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