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Default Re: if steve nash misses a significant amount of time. what are kobes mvp chances

Originally Posted by HorryIsMyMVP
How did Kobe have better stats then Nash or Dirk? if he had the stats he is averaging so far this year i'd be all about him winning MVP. He deserves it this year. The OP is really just a cancer to society. Its a shame some of his threads don't get deleted.

2006 nash averaged 18 points and 10 assists, bad defense

2006 kobe averaged 35 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, dropped 81, 1st team all defense, averaged 40+ for 2 months. and was widely considered the best player in basketball. nash was barely top 5

nash won mvp cause his team had a better record. and amare was a beast for nash averaging 25ppg... kobes best big man was kwame brown

kobe not only out performed nash. but kobe was also more important to the lakers. if kobe missed every game that year the lakers would have lost 70 games.

face it. the mvp is about record more than players.

like rose winning it over lebron in 2011...
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